White Ant Pest Control Sydney

White ants (or termites as they’re formally known), are among the biggest nuisance in the world of pest control. Thus, white ant pest control in Sydney, is one of the more common services that homeowners seek out. This is because between 25% and 33% of properties in Sydney, have been or are likely to suffer from white ant damage. That means that there are homes on your street right now, that are suffering from a white ant infestation and they might not even know it.

Why are white ants a nuisance?

Unlike other pests like rats or fleas, white ants don’t really pose much of a threat to you. They don’t spread diseases, nor do they have any interest in you. However, the damage that they can do to your property is substantial, particularly if they’re left unchecked for long enough. In fact, the damage that white ants can inflict on the structural integrity of your home, can indeed become a danger to you, depending on the severity. Therefore, it’s not unheard of for homeowners to put a foot through floorboards that have been ravaged by white ants. So you do need to keep them under control.

Another big factor is the fact that most standard home and building insurance policies do not cover white ant damage. So, unless you seek out white ant pest control services in Sydney immediately, you could be putting your assets at significant risk.

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How to keep white ants under control In Sydney

There really is only one way to deal with a white ant pest problem in your home, and that is to call the professionals. Certainly, there are a few home pest control techniques that you can try, but they’re not 100% and you do run the risk of causing them to retreat into a more secluded area of your home.

Do not disturb a termite’s nest if you come across it in your home. Leave them be and contact us immediately.

Our pest control experts will come to your property, assess the situation with a thorough inspection, and then choose the appropriate white ant pest control treatment.

Rest assured that the methods we use are safe for children and pets. If you would like further information, or suspect an infestation and need our expert advice, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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