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Considering the fact that logistics and transportation companies are always on the move, you’d assume that pests would rarely be able to keep up, putting pest control low down on the list of priorities. Unfortunately, that is not the case – particularly in a warehouse environment. 

Warehouse management is a diverse and demanding role requiring great attention from materials operations, the tracking of inventory, shipping and receiving, managing the supply chain, and of course, keeping your employees safe. 

Another critical aspect of warehouse management is pest control. Not only do pests carry all manner of diseases that can render your employee sick (thus leading to a lack of productivity and disruptions to the supply chain), but they can also be detrimental to the integrity of your stored goods. 

Nobody wants to move a pallet to find a nest of cockroaches lurking underneath. Or to discover rats have been nibbling away at boxes of stored goods. Fortunately, these issues and more can be avoided through proper pest control for logistical and transportation companies – which is where the team at Expert Pest Control come in!

Logistical and Transportation Company Pest control inspections

Quality pest control for logistical and transportation companies starts with a thorough site inspection. Our pest control experts can conduct a comprehensive site inspection in your logistics, distribution, and warehouse facilities, checking for a wide variety of criteria. 

We can notify you of any potential problems that may attract pests, put together a list of recommended actions to reduce the likelihood of an invasion, and help you implement the best strategies to keep your premises pest free and the structural integrity of your facilities and stored goods intact.

Warehouse pest control services

As part of our pest control service, we will aim to pest-proof your premises as best as possible. This involves identifying all potential pest entry points such as cracks and thresholds and then sealing them up appropriately. 

We will also bird-proof your warehouse or distribution centre, taking a comprehensive approach to making your premises less attractive to nesting pests. 

Similarly, we can create a custom rodent prevention plan to help you maintain your premises well and significantly reduce the likelihood of suffering a rodent infestation. 

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    Discreet pest control solutions

    At Expert Pest Control we understand how damaging pests can be both to your stored goods, premises, and reputation. As such, whether implementing a thorough pest prevention plan or helping you deal with an existing pest infestation, we will maintain the highest levels of discretion for your convenience. 

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    Would you like to know more about our logistical and transportation company pest control solutions? Perhaps you already have a plan in place but seem to be struggling to keep a certain pest from interrupting your operations. Whatever the case, please do not hesitate to contact Expert Pest Control today and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have.