Thermal Imaging Pest Inspections Sydney

Why are pests called pests? Because they’re destructive, annoying, and worst-of-all, incredibly difficult to manage! In some cases, pests can go undetected for years before the full extent of their damage is discovered – at which point it can be disastrous and often irreparable for property owners. 

Take termites (white ants) as an example; they can go from 3 to 8 years before any damage is detected and the worst part? They infest 1 in 5 Australian homes! In other words, between you and your close friends…there’s a good chance that one of your homes is currently being structurally weakened by a hidden threat. 

This is why thermal imaging pest inspections in Sydney are so incredibly valuable (both in residential and commercial properties); because it provides you with an opportunity to thoroughly check your property for any potential pest infestations that may otherwise have been missed. 

The best pest control is pest prevention

Having a thermal imaging pest inspection is a form of pest prevention. This is because it can help you confirm whether or not your home is entirely pest-free. It can also help you identify any potential termite colonies before they grow to such a point that the damage they cause is significant. 

With regular property inspections including thermal imaging, you can stay on top of your home’s care and maintenance and ensure that you don’t end up with any costly and frustrating damage 3 to 8 years down the line! 

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    ‘Pre’ and ‘post’ property purchasing inspections

    Another great time to invest in thermal imaging pest inspections is before you sign the dotted line on a property. How infuriating (and costly) would it be to move into a home, only to later discover that there were termites in the attic or basement eating away at the structural integrity of your newly purchased property? 

    The same applies to moving in new tenants in a property that you rent out; using thermal imaging pest inspection technology you can confirm the safety and structural integrity of your property, thus allowing both you and your tenants much-deserved peace of mind.  

    How does thermal imaging pest inspection work?

    The process is incredibly straightforward:

    • A thermal imaging pest inspection is carried out in conjunction with a typical visual and structural inspection.
    • The use of infrared thermal imaging technology picks up on heat patterns detected within the walls. 
    • It’s a non-invasive method that enables accurate analysation and pest determination. 

      Upon discovering any pest infestation, your pest control expert can then recommend the appropriate course of action to rectify the situation and restore your home to order once more. 

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