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Bird Proofing

At Expert Pest Control we have the experience and expertise to carry out a wide range of bird proofing and control work in any setting. We have worked on commercial office buildings to factories in industrial areas or residential homes. We use proven bird management methods, including techniques for the control of associated pests, such as bird, lice or even bird mites.

Throughout New South Wales and most of Australia, starlings and mynas nest in roof cavities. Usually found under the slates and in the eaves, their nests are often heavily infested with bird lice and mites. In the warmer months, the birds and their offspring eventually leave the nest. This drives the mites to look for an alternate food supply. Therefore, they have to pass through cracks, crevices, vents or window gaps to access the interior of your property.

In most cases, the removal of the nesting material solves the bird mite infestation. Most customers tend not to experience any further problems. However, for the harder to reach areas and when dealing with heavy infestations Expert Pest Control uses more intensive, proven methods of bird mite and lice elimination. The results are rapid, and you may well experience results from any bird parasite infestation before we have even left the premises.

Gutter Shield

We are official suppliers and installers of Gutter Shield – a gutter protection system which effectively stops the build-up of leaf litter and timber debris. This accumulation can pose many hazards and risks, and actively increases the chance of combustion in the bushfire season. Fortunately, Gutter Shield’s protection system is the perfect solution for homeowners, builders and tradesmen. It is made from premium quality COLORBOND® steel which carries an almost perfect Flammability Index Rating.

This is a superior, steel gutter guard, which is proven to repel unwanted vermin and dangerous debris. It’s also a good protection against fire, on most kinds of roof – which is great news for Australian homes, especially those in wooded areas and regions prone to bushfire.





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