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Running a food and beverage processing company is a demanding job with an awful lot of red tape – and rightly so. Upholding the highest levels of cleanliness is key to keeping your employees and end customers safe, whilst maintaining a sterling reputation among your competitors. One critical aspect of managing a food and beverage processing facility is of course, pest control and prevention. 

Rodents, insects, birds, and other pests remain a constant threat to the food and beverage processing industry and unless you have a rigid and comprehensive pest prevention and response plan in place, your business’s bottom line and brand reputation will suffer greatly. 

Fortunately, the team at Expert Pest Control can help you simplify the pest prevention process and enable you to maintain the highest standards of health & safety at all times. 

Tried and tested pest control and prevention methods

At Expert Pest Control we have a wealth of experience in pest control and prevention. Using tried and tested, science-backed pest control strategies we can help you both treat and prevent any future pest problems that could otherwise harm your operation. 

If you want to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and keep your facility open for business and operating at peak production, you’ve come to the right place. 

Thorough pest control site inspection

Proper pest control beings with a comprehensive site inspection. Our pest control experts will thoroughly inspect your premises to ensure that your facilities meet a wide variety of criteria. We will identify any potential issues and put together a detailed strategy in order to pest proof your premises as best as possible. 

We can help you to significantly minimize risks, meet the requirements of any and all third-party audits, and ensure that you meet the highest levels of food safety at all times. 

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    Discreet food and beverage processing pest control

    At Expert Pest Control we understand how damaging pests can be both to the integrity of your products and your reputation. This is why we pride ourselves in delivering the finest pest control services with discretion at the forefront of our priorities. 

    We can help you eliminate any pest infestations swiftly and definitively, whilst arming you with the right strategies to prevent any future pest problems from getting out of control. 

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    Pioneering pest prevention solutions

    We are constantly striving to remain ahead of the curve, adapting to problematic pest types and growing legislative demand. Using the latest technologies and innovations we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients can easily retain the highest levels of pest control. 

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