Flea Pest Control Sydney

If you’re in need of flea pest control in Sydney, then you’ve come to the right place. Dealing with any pest problem is stressful enough as it is, but fleas in particular can be an absolute nightmare. They may be tiny, but they are by no means less of a menace. In fact, these little blood-sucking insects thrive off other creatures, which is why it can be especially dangerous for your pets. That said, if you do have cats or dogs, then the only silver-lining is that it will be much easier to identify when you have a flea infestation, as your pets will be itching ferociously.

Experts On Flea Pest Control In Sydney

You will be much more likely to suffer a flea invasion during the summer months (Oct-March), as they thrive in warm and humid weather. However, it is possible to have a flea pest problem at any time of the year, so keep an eye out and remain vigilant.

If you’re worried that you might have a flea pest problem, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. In the meantime, we would recommend inspecting your pets’ fur closely and keep an eye out for small brown insects approx. 2.5mm in length. If you can’t see any fleas present, grab a wet paper towel and gently grab a tuft of fur. Upon inspecting the wet paper towel, if you notice little reddish-brown stains, then that’s a clear sign that fleas are present, as they leave blood residue behind.


Act fast, as fleas breed rapidly

A flea can reach adulthood in 12 days and will lay up to 1000 eggs in its short lifetime. Thus, it is important that you act fast if you suspect an infestation. Your pest control expert will be able to come out and identify the situation with a thorough site inspection.

Following that, they will begin treatment using controlled insecticides. Rest assured, we are very good at what we do and can help you through this trying time. Contact us today for fast and effective flea pest control in Sydney.

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