Rodents are among the most troublesome and even dangerous pests that you can find in your home or place of business. Mice and rats can cause untold damage to your property and your possessions, as well as create all kinds of mess and issues for you and your family. They can find their way into your home in a jiffy, and you may well struggle to get these pests out again.

Of the two, rats are undoubtedly worse. They can spread harmful diseases, cause allergies and stress, and even sleeplessness as they make themselves at home. Read on to discover how best to rid yourself of these pests and just how tricky it can be to do so…

Are rats harder to get rid of than mice?

While neither mice nor rats are easy to get rid of, rats are arguably much harder. Rats can nest deep in your property, burrowing in the walls and under floors. They often make nests in your basement or loft, causing all kinds of structural damage along the way. They will often hide in hard-to-reach places, even right down to your foundations, and are excellent climbers and burrowers.

Some of the reasons rats can be so difficult to get rid of are:

  • Their speed – rats are incredibly swift, and can jump and climb to escape a room in an instant.
  • Their agility – rats can fit through gaps that appear far too small for their bodies. They can manipulate their bodies to squeeze through cracks and can escape certain traps with seeming ease.
  • Their intelligence – rats are more suspicious arguably than certain people, and can spot a trap a mile away. It can take real skill and experience to correctly place and set up traps that will actually work on a rat. Rats are also uniquely suited to their environment, and can think and find their way around.
  • They can reproduce quickly – as rats are often quite skilled at hiding their presence, at least for a while, they could reproduce before you even know you have an issue. Rat pregnancies last just 3 weeks, and these rats will reach maturity in just 5 more. You can see how quickly the situation could escalate and get out of hand.
  • Rats are skilled at hiding – as mentioned above, you may not know you have rats, and as long as you don’t know they are there, you can’t start to try and get rid of them. Look out for clues like droppings, holes in the walls or in your possessions and listen out for scratching noises. Especially at night.

For all these reasons and more, it can be difficult first to discover you have an infestation of rats, and then to deal with it. If you are in Sydney Expert Pest Control’s team of professionals can help you, we know just what to look out for, and what to do when they discover rats in your home. We have the skills to place the right traps, and utilise all the best treatments to solve your rat problem as quickly as possible.

Will rats go away on their own?

Many people when they first realise that they have rats share the same thought. If I do nothing, will they go away on their own? The answer is a resounding no. While in some very rare cases, you may spot a rat nearby that moves on elsewhere, once you have rats in your home they are not likely to go anywhere.

Rats will stay where it is warm and they have food. Even if you are extra careful about storing your food correctly and keeping a spotless home, they will find something to eat. Your rubbish, crumbs and even the stuffing in your walls and floors can all make up a delightful diet for a rat. Besides, even if there was a chance that rats might leave on their own, it isn’t worth the risk.

Rats pose a serious danger to both your family and your property. They spread disease and just having them in your home could lead to contaminated food, illness and can irritate allergies. That is bad enough already, without the added issues of property damage, structural damage and the mess they can create. 

They can even cause harm to your mental health, preventing you from sleeping and upsetting your family and pets. When it comes to a rat infestation, there is no time to waste. It is far better to act immediately and call in professionals to deal with the problem swiftly and efficiently. 

How much does rat pest control cost?

When it comes to rat pest control, we believe that it shouldn’t ever cost too much for people to afford. Having a pest-free home should be a right, and we strive to provide the best rat pest treatments available at a fair price. 

Rat pest control is essential to deal with the problem of having rats in your home as quickly and effectively as possible. They won’t go away on their own, and the longer they are in your house, the more damage they can do and the more harm they can cause. Rather than considering the cost of rat control, think about the cost both in terms of property and peace of mind in not getting it. 

The health risks of having rats in your property alone are worrying enough that most people will immediately call for professional rat control. Trying to trap them yourself often doesn’t work, as these wily pests know to avoid them, and the longer they are in the building, the worse it can get.

In general, the cost of rat control will depend on the severity of your infestation, which measures are required to get rid of them and the company that you hire. You can pay anything from under AU$ 200 to more than AU$ 1000 to eradicate your infestation. What truly matters is that you know that the job is done. 

If you are in Sydney and hire Expert Pest Control you know we will rid your home of rats as quickly and effectively as possible, and do what we can to avoid any of these pests returning in the future.

Final thoughts

Rats are among the worst pests for the damage they can cause, the risk they pose to you and your family’s health, and because they can be so tough to get rid of. Unlike home treatments and DIY traps, Expert Pest Control uses only the most effective techniques and traps to rid your Sydney home of rats. We will work swiftly to ensure that your home is rat-free, and that it will stay that way.