A common question that we get asked is: “How much does pest control cost in Sydney?” And the truth is that it varies greatly, depending on which pest control company that you hire, where in Sydney you live, how big your property is, what kind of infestation you’re faced with and so on. When it comes to pest control, there is no “one size fits all” service. Everything is tailored specifically to your unique situation.

The question that you should be asking is: “How much is Pest Control worth?” And the answer to that is that it’s priceless. Particularly when you think about how dangerous a pest infestation can be for you and your family.

If you have rodents and they’re left unchecked, they can cause all manner of health problems; If you have termites and they’re left undisturbed they can cause irreparable damage to your property; simply put, the damage that untreated pests can do far outweighs a minor investment.

DIY Pest Control is Not Advised

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to try and take care of your pest problems alone, for the sake of saving a bit of money. Many people prefer to try to tackle these issues themselves because they’d sooner not cause a big fuss as well, which is also a mistake. If you have a pest problem no matter how small or large, you should call for the experts.

The reason being is that they can come in, use non-toxic, “tired and tested” treatments to solve your pest problems quickly and efficiently. We understand the desire to be self-sufficient and to try and save money where possible. The trouble with this is that if you don’t handle a pest control problem properly it can become exponentially worse and end up causing you all manner of problems down the line. You’ll likely end up having to spend more time and money on it than you’d first expected, only to have to call the professionals for help anyway.

And of course, we might be coming across as a little biased right now. We’re a pest control company, of course, we would prefer for you to hire our services rather than try it yourself, though the main reason is that we know what we are doing. This is our business and we have been taking care of pest problems for a very long time. DIY pest control can be ineffective and more often than not: dangerous.

Expert Pest Control Sydney: Our Rates

If you are concerned about a potential pest problem and you would like some advice, please feel free to get in contact with us at your earliest convenience. We will gladly send someone out to survey your property and to determine whether or not your suspicions are well-founded.

Below we will list some of our general rates to give you a rough idea as to what our services cost. However, please remember that this is all very much down to the severity of your pest control problem, the size of the area that we have to service and so on:

$145.00 General house services units
$165.00 Single level town houses
$195.00 Single level 3-4 bedroom house
$220.00 Double storey 4 bedroom house.

If you have a home larger than noted here please call our friendly staff to discuss and provide a proposal price.

Commercial pest control involves onsite inspection and onsite proposal (in most instances). This is necessary due the complexity of commercial pest control and legislation requirements.

The Damage that Pests Can Cause and Why Pest Control is Worth Every Penny

If you’re unconvinced about the importance of pest control services and feel like trying to tackle them yourselves, have a read on about the risks that various pests can cause:

  • Pests carry disease-ridden microorganisms and parasites
  • Pests can attack and destroy crops and vegetation
  • Pests can damage and contaminate stored food with their droppings
  • Larger pests can cause terrible problems for farm animals and many species of your local surrounding native wildlife
  • Damage to your clothing and property (beds, furniture, ornaments etc)
  • Damage to building and their structural integrity (termites for example)
  • Bite people causing irritation, inflammation, infections and in extreme cases, disease

This is just a bit of general information. Of course, if there is a particular pest that you are struggling with, be certain to call your local pest control expert immediately to find out the damages that they can cause you and your property and how best to deal with the problem. Don’t leave anything down to chance, if you have a problem it should be taken care of immediately.

There are also many steps that you can take towards pest-proofing your property to ensure that you don’t end up with any problems in the future. You might not have any issues at the moment, though that’s not to say that your property is entirely safe. There is much that you can do. Take a look at this excellent resource where you can find information on how to pest proof your home and which steps to take.


Hopefully, we have demonstrated how valuable pest control services are. The thing is, nobody likes spending money on anything other than the good stuff! We have to pay our mortgage and our bills; it’s not fun but its essential to keep a roof over our heads. While it would be much nicer to buy a new wardrobe or to go on holiday; if you’re dealing with pests, you have to take care of the problem properly and without delay. This costs money. That being said; when you consider how much damage and stress a successful pest control treatment can save you, it’s worth every penny.

If you’re interested in exploring our services further, or if you have any questions for us whatsoever; please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to help!