When it comes to ridding your home of unwanted pest infestations there are a number of factors that you should consider first – for example, do you have any babies in your home, small children, or elderly parents? Will your approach to pest control be safe for them, or will you be putting the more vulnerable members of your household at risk?  

Here are Expert Pest Control, we take the health & safety of you and your family very seriously in our approach to pest control. In this article, we’re going to talk about the risks involved, and whether or not pest control is safe for babies, children, and the elderly in Australia. 

Is pest control safe for babies in Australia?

Is pest control safe for babies in Australia? It really all depends on the approach that you take. For example, if you hire a pest exterminator, then their pest control methods may pose a health hazard to your babies. 

Exterminators tend to use harmful chemicals and substances in order to eradicate the pest threat. Even if you were to fumigate your home and stay elsewhere for a few days – when you return, there will still be residual chemicals around the house and in the air. These chemicals can be extremely dangerous for babies. 

If you have a pest infestation and you have small babies, then you’ll need to take a very different approach to pest control. 

If you decide to handle the pest infestation by yourself, then you must ensure that you purchase non-toxic pest control remedies. Follow the instructions carefully and ensure that your babies do not come into contact with them. 

Is pest control safe for children in Australia? 

Is pest control safe for children in Australia? The same applies as mentioned above concerning babies. When ridding your home of pests with children in your home, you must be certain to buy non-toxic pest control remedies. 

Of course, children are curious little creatures and as such, you have to be careful of things like rat traps as well – particularly if you are laying down rat poison to rid yourself of a rodent problem. 

If your children are left unattended and chance upon a rat trap, they may attempt to dismantle the rat trap as they would a toy – and since rat poison tends to come in pellets, some small children may mistake these for sweets in which case, they can be in serious danger of ingestion. 

If you have babies and small children, ultimately the best approach is to hire professionals to come in and rid your home of a pest infestation, rather than trying to DIY it instead. 

Is pest control safe for the elderly in Australia?

If you have elderly family members – particularly those with respiratory problems, traditional pest control methods using toxic chemicals is not a good idea. Again, even after having your home fumigated, it can be weeks before your home is completely free of these toxic chemicals which can be deadly to the elderly if exposed to them for too long. 

We use approved chemicals for pest control 

When hiring a pest control company, ensure that if they use pesticides, that they are approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). Certainly, some chemicals are far more toxic than others, however, we go to great lengths to ensure that any chemicals we to use have very low toxicity and are approved products – if they are safe for pets then they will be safe for children and babies as well. 

But it’s not just the toxicity level that we are mindful of. At Expert Pest Control, we will only administer the correct application rate and volumes. These guidelines are highly important and we will never stray from them. We will never over-apply any pest control products and are well-versed in the treatment of homes with vulnerable family members. 

Pest prevention is your best line of defence 

With babies, children, and elderly family members – your best defence is to follow as many pest prevention tips as possible: 

  • Keep your kitchen clean and store food in sealed containers
  • Keep your bathroom clean and avoid stagnating water
  • Take the garbage out regularly and invest in a sealed bin
  • Maintain your garden well (e.g., mow the lawn and prune your plants accordingly)
  • Fix fly-screens to your windows 
  • De-clutter your home as best as possible and dispose of what you don’t need
  • Go around your home and seal any potential entry points (e.g., gaps in windowsills/cracks in fascia & guttering)
  • Cut back branches that are growing close to your windows
  • Regularly check your pets for fleas

These are just a handful of the pest prevention tips that you can try. By following these steps and sticking to them religiously, you will significantly lower the chance of suffering a pest infestation in your home. And of course, without a pest infestation, you don’t need to worry about having to use any potentially harmful pest control substances to your more vulnerable family members. 

We will prescribe the safest and most appropriate methods 

If you suspect you have a pest problem and you are worried for the health & safety of your babies, children, pets, or the elderly members of your family, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

We will come to your property and inspect it thoroughly, then prescribe the safest and most appropriate solution to ridding your home of a pest infestation. 

At Expert Pest Control, your comfort and safety is our prerogative.