Although there are many different kinds of horrible little pests that can invade our homes, they are all manageable if you take the appropriate measures.  Obviously, no one wants to face the thought of having an infestation of any variety, but ignoring these little pests is one of the worst things that you can possibly do.  Acknowledging the problem and knowing who to contact is essential to protect your property from extensive damage and help ensure that the pests are removed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There are three main types of pest that can cause absolute havoc in our homes and cause some real damage.  These pests need to be managed properly once identified to make sure that they don’t get the chance to bring the roof down on you – quite literally in at least one case!

Rodents Pest Control Management Sydney

Rodents are probably the biggest household pest you can expect to be faced with, with mice, rats and squirrels being the most common.  The key defining feature of rodents is their teeth, all rodents have a pair of maxillary incisors consisting of a large pair of front incisors and a smaller needle-like pair directly behind these.  These teeth continue to grow constantly throughout the animal’s life and as such need to be used constantly.  This means that rodents chew and gnaw anything and everything they can to keep their teeth in check, and if they are living in your home this means your houses structure, floors, walls, electrical wires, insulation, everything.  The damage they will cause will quickly escalate from a few chew marks to loss of electricity, burst water pipes and crumbling floors, but this isn’t even the worst problem rodents bring.  Rats and mice commonly carry dangerous diseases that can be very harmful and even fatal to humans and these can be transmitted through contact and bites, but especially through their droppings.

If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, usually droppings will be one of the first signs.  Do not wait until you have seen a rodent, call in our experts to check things out for you and make sure that if there are any, they are swiftly dealt with.  Managing rodent infestations is about getting baited traps laid as quickly as possible to start to lower their numbers whilst constantly cleaning up their urine, fecal droppings and the carcasses of any caught in the traps to ensure that other rodents are not attracted to the area.

Small and scary problems

Creepy crawlies represent some of the biggest fears that people have in regards to infestations, but unfortunately spiders and cockroaches especially, are quite common in Australia.  Neither of these animals are remotely pleasant and spiders especially can be exceptionally dangerous.  

Spiders Pest Control Management Sydney

Australia is home to many varieties of dangerous spiders, with some being deadly to humans, and as such people are very wary of these eight-legged pests.  Spiders are actually far more beneficial to the local ecosystem than the other pests on this list as they help control insect populations, but having spiders in our homes, producing webs and possibly being a danger to our loved ones is not acceptable and they need to be removed.

Unlike rodents, spiders are fairly small, and this makes it considerably harder to find their nests and burrows.  However, our pest control experts are highly adept at spotting spider nests and locating their burrows, the trickier part is how to remove them.  Managing spiders in your home is definitely a tough prospect as they are not easy to trap like rodents, and topical poisons have a limited effect as many spiders make very little contact with the ground.  As such, we use specially designed insecticides (we know they’re arachnids, but that’s the name of the product) to treat their nests and burrows as well as the surrounding area to manage the overall population and interrupt their life cycles, preventing them from laying eggs that can hatch into hundreds more.

Cockroach Pest Control Management Sydney

Cockroaches are a bit of a hybrid of the previous two, they are smaller and harder to find like spiders, but can easily be baited into traps like rodents.  Cockroaches will cause a musty smell and you will be able to see their droppings, which have the appearance of ground coffee as well as spotting the occasional cockroach moving around, especially in the kitchen.  Cockroaches tend to move in because of food, so a key aspect of managing them is to keep all food cleared away and sealed.  They also enjoy damp and humid conditions so by ensuring everything is as dry as possible and having a dehumidifier running, you can minimise how attractive your home is to them.  Like rodents, cockroaches can spread disease very easily, with their droppings once again being a being part of this, but they can also cause asthma attacks in sufferers as well as general sickness.

Cockroaches are famous for being incredibly resilient to many things such as poisons, decapitation and, as urban legend would have it, possibly nuclear explosions as well.  However, these beasts are not invincible and using the correct insecticides strategically along with keeping the environment as unpleasant for them as possible can eradicate an infestation.

Termite Pest Control Management Sydney

This is the big one, ironically as they are the smallest creature on this list, but termites are capable of quite literally destroying your home in a few months if left unchecked.  The first signs of a termite infestation you might notice will probably appear as a spot of damp on a wall where the paint has bubbled, or small pin prick sized holes in wooden flooring or skirting boards.  If you have the slightest suspicion that you may be sharing your home with termites, then you need to get us in for a termite inspection immediately.  If we do find termites in your home then we have a range of specially designed termiticides to target and destroy them, which range from barrier sprays to soil treatments and even bait traps.  The most important thing with termites is not to hesitate, we can assure you that a small callout fee for a false alarm is infinitely better than the damage termites will cause if left to roam free.