Urgh, don’t you just hate pests? There’s something about having little pesky creatures invading our private space which makes our skin crawl. It’s not so much the intrusion that bothers us, but the health implications that they bring with them.

Nobody wants to suffer from nausea, skin and eye irritation or infection. And the thought of termite chewing through the very foundation of the home that you’ve worked too hard to secure for yourself is quite simply unbearable.

Fortunately, there is much that can be done to prevent these pests from making their way into our homes. And for those who are unfortunate enough to have an infestation as they’re reading this; you’re not alone! If you are convinced that you have a pest problem and you’re in urgent need of assistance, give us a call immediately. We offer competitively priced, non-toxic pest control in Sydney.

About Non-Toxic Pest Control in Sydney

pesticidesUnderstandably, more and more people are crying out for non-toxic pest control and with good reason. It’s not just about taking care of your family, young children and your pets; but your local environment as well.

There’s no sense in tackling pests in your home with toxic and harmful methods which will only essentially replace one problem with another. And why do we get rid of the pests in our home? Because of the potential damage and detriment that they can cause. But there’s no good using terribly harmful chemicals that can cause health problems for your family as well!

We would like to make it very clear that no effective pest control methods are entirely “non-toxic”. However, there are methods which are safe for infants, children, pets and pregnant women. The term “non-toxic” can be misleading in that there is nothing harmful in them. The fact is that if they were non-toxic, they would be no good for getting rid of pests! All that being said, you can rest assured that non-toxic pest control is safe.

The Benefits (and importance) of Non-Toxic Pest Control

Traditional pest control methods would involve fumigating your entire property in order to suffocate and poison the pests living within. This was a terrible time consuming (and toxic) way of taking care of the pests in your home. This would generally take a week, completely disrupting your routine and resulting in not being able to return to your home until it was certain that most of the harmful chemicals had dispersed.

Now with non-toxic methods, you don’t have to worry about having to vacate your home for hours on end. It’s simple, un-intrusive and highly effective. However, before a treatment can be successfully applied in your home, you will first need a thorough home inspection. First of all, you will need a certified pest control expert to come out and run a complete survey on your property in order to determine the severity of your pest problem. In addition to that, various pests require different methods of pest control, which is why these checks need to be carried out first. Only then can your pest control expert determine exactly which method to use.

Some Natural Home Remedies and Pest Prevention Techniques

Rather than waiting for a pest problem to occur, there are steps that you can take to try and prevent them from ever making their way into your homes. Of course, there are always going to be insects in your home and keeping it 100% free is going to be impossible. That being said, you can certainly prevent them from nesting and taking over your home!

kitchenOne of the easiest (and cheapest) methods of pest prevention is having good hygiene. Keep it clean and ensure that your home is clutter-free. The kitchen is the most important spot to keep clean. Hobs and kitchen counters should be wiped clean after use to ensure that no crumbs and food scraps are left out. You should seal and store all left-overs properly. You must also regularly wipe down your cupboards as well, to ensure that no food dust and crumbs accumulate over time. You can also store your food scraps in sealed composters in order to not only dispose of your waste efficiently but prevent critters from getting into your bins.

Keep your home free of damp where possible. Wipe up areas around sinks and toilets and ensure that your plumbing is leak-free and in working order. You should also endeavour to plug any holes and fill cracks. This will significantly reduce any pest’s entry points into your home and it will also make it harder for them to escape when you’re chasing them with the swatter!

It is also highly advisable that you invest in insect screens for your windows and doors. This way you can open up your windows and doors to let fresh air in without having to worry about pests making their way into your homes. (There are many other benefits of having insect screens installed as well)

Regularly vacuum your mattresses and sofas and other warm, soft areas and wash your bedding at high temperatures. Another great way to keep pests at bay is to replace your carpeting with laminate and wooden flooring. Also, run your air conditioning to keep the humidity in your home down and regularly air the house out (with fly screens installed)


If you want to protect your family and your home from pests then you should do everything that you can to pest proof your property. In addition to that, if you do have a pest problem and you’re in need of help, be sure to run with a company who uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly pest control methods in Sydney. Don’t allow those pesky pests to cause you and your family any unnecessary health problems; don’t let them stress you out and make you feel anxious; don’t let them ruin the structural integrity of your beloved home!