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Spider Control In Sydney

Spiders are actually beneficial to the control of flying insects around the home, but they can also be highly undesired and in some cases, dangerous. It is estimated that over 1200 types of spider live in Australia and 70 of these are poisonous.

Our spider control service involves the searching, locating and then treating of these pests. It is actually very difficult to create a barrier against webbing spiders because they walk on small claws, so we use an insecticidal spray to directly treat the affected areas and reduce the overall spider population. Ground dwelling spiders require a different treatment and we are the experts in recognising, locating and treating their burrows and nests.

We know spiders can be unsightly and sometimes frightening. So, whether you are affected by webbing, poisonous or ground dwelling spiders – or a combination of these – Expert Pest Control is ready to carry out rapid and effective removal treatments. Our spider program is included in the General House Service package, but we know that on rare occasions a more detailed spider service is required. Either way, our customers always enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their homes are protected, clean and safe.

Atrax robustus


The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is an eastern Australian native spider and is one of the most feared of the venomous animals in Australia. They are typically 7+ cm long and can be very aggressive when provoked.

The long-lived female Funnel Web spider spends most of their time in their silk-lined tubular burrow retreats. The males tend to wander during the warmer months of the year looking for receptive females. The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is responsible for 13 confirmed deaths between 1927-1980.

The male’s venom contains a polypeptide called Robustoxin which affects the nervous system of humans and primates but doesn’t really affect other mammals.

A Funnel Web Spiders Bite

What happens when you first get bit is that it will be extremely painful because the Sydney Funnel-Wed Spider has long fangs and the venom has a high pH level. After the bite, the person may start drooling because they have numbness around the mouth and excess saliva. They may also have a copious amount of tears. Soon they will have problems breathing and may lose consciousness then death.

We provide our services in the following areas: Northern Beaches, Inner West, The Northern Suburbs, The Hills, Wahroonga, Blue Mountains and North Sydney

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